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Pawpaw Products
We collect Pawpaw seed from a wild patch in the Arkansas Ozarks, which produces large, plump, pleasantly mild and sweet fruit, even in hot, dry years. There is a good chance, but no guarantee, that fruit from trees grown from this seed will be of good eating quality. We offer Pawpaw seed fresh in the Fall, cold stratified and ready to sow from late Winter through Spring, loose germinated seed, and potted little trees about to emerge from the soil in late Spring; and first~ and second~year container~grown seedling trees, and grafted trees as available. We are offering the seed and seedling trees essentially for growing rootstock or specimen trees. Grafted trees are much more likely to produce fruit of good quality, similar to that of their parent trees.

Pawpaw Seedlings in our Greenhouse.


Bio~active Compounds
Certain substances in Pawpaw plant material have potent anti~cancer and pesticidal properties. These substances have been found to be effective against intestinal parasites, head lice and human cancer cells. We offer standardized products containing these naturally~occurring compounds. Click here to see a scientific paper on the subject.
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