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Pawpaw Treelings


We are a specialized Pawpaw nursery. Our trees are shipped in their growing containers, unless specified as "bare root".We have been Pawpaw People since 1988.

This young Pawpaw tree is already bearing abundantly.

Pawpaw Seeds

will be available
in early 2020.




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Welcome to our site!

We specialize in Pawpaw Seed and Trees,
so that you can start your own Pawpaw Patch.


On this site you will find lots of useful and interesting information about the Pawpaw, Asimina triloba.


How about a Pawpaw in your patch?

Four years after Ron planted little Pawpaw trees from my nursery, they were already 12 feet tall and loaded with fruit. He planted them on the north side of a building in USDA zone 6, and gave them optimal care: drip irrigation and top dressings of manure.


Here we are collecting Pawpaw fruit along the Kings River.
Those buckets are full of fruit.
(My annual gorge)

Enjoy learning about Pawpaws on our site!

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