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First Year Pawpaw Trees
available April through September
Start your Pawpaw Patch!
• These are nicely grown, sturdy little seedling trees. We grow them in our greenhouse, because the glazing blocks the UV light which pawpaw seedlings do not like in their first and second years.
• We only sell Pawpaw trees in containers, because we believe it is better for the tree. They can be planted almost any time of year, with minimal transplanting shock.
• We start them off in quart~size cells, then move them into gallon containers. The larger the container, the larger the tree will grow. But, of course, the larger containers cost more to ship.
• The first year Pawpaw trees in cells are about 12" to 18" tall. The ones in gallon containers are a little taller and stockier, with better developed root systems.
• The trees in cells are ready to be transplanted or re~potted, while the ones in gallons can continue to grow in the same containers for a quite a while longer.
• These little trees will need partial shade in their first two years, plenty of water, and will appreciate all the fertility you can give them.
• Or, start with our Emerging Trees , they're inexpensive and it's fun to watch them come up!



First year Pawpaw trees in plastic quart cells ...
... and in gallons.

Complete instructions on growing pawpaw trees included with each order!

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