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About Us... Pawpaw Products


Mark, Kathleen and Jerry Blossom
in the Wild Pawpaw Patch.


• Our family operates Blossom Nursery on our place located on the King's River, in the Arkansas Ozarks. We grow native fruit trees and other useful and unusual plants. It is important to us that the plants we sell be accurately described, well grown, and safely delivered, ready to settle in and grow for you.
• We have been Pawpaw People since 1988.
• We are especially fond of Pawpaws, and we enjoy making them available so that others can also enjoy the pleasures and benefits of their own Pawpaw patch! We offer Pawpaw plants in all stages, grown with an understanding of their biological requirements.
• We are planting orchards of Pawpaw trees for fruit and biomass production in our rich bottomland fields.
• Our nursery is inspected annually by the State Plant Board, and is certified free of injurious pests and diseases. Mark holds an Arkansas Nurseryman's License.
• The Pawpaw plant contains many bio~active compounds. We are now also offering standardized herbal products which make the unique benefits of the Pawpaw plant available to all.
Pawpaw Products is our
Trademark name for everything that we offer having to do with Pawpaws.
We are a small family backyard mail~order nursery, and do not have a retail shop.
This Web Site is homemade. We want it to be easy to use, and are in the habit of making changes in response to user comments. Click here to E~Mail us your comments.
Here are some pictures of how we plant Pawpaw trees in our field:


...and then...      FRUIT!

Augering a hole...
...planting...                       ...mulching...
...a few years later...
• All photos, images, text, design, and other content of this web site are the property of and all rights thereto retained by Mark & Kathleen Blossom, doing business as Blossom Nursery; except the images and text provided by Nature's Sunshine to describe their products, and some wording we may have picked up along the way from the writings of others.
• If you would like to quote text or use images from this web site, please contact us. We usually grant permission for such use to academics, journalists, and non~profits.


These are some of the frogs that live among the Pawpaw trees in our greenhouse.