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Health experts estimate that at least 10 million children in America, in all segments of society, are plagued by head lice in a given year. These tiny bloodsucking parasites live on the human scalp and lay eggs (nits). Several medicated shampoos on the market have been successful at killing lice in the past, but like the bacteria that adapt to antibiotics, lice are adapting to the pesticides in these shampoos, often becoming resistant to the chemicals in popular over~the~counter products. If that weren't bad enough news, the FDA recently warned against using shampoos that contain lindane, a powerful insecticide that has been linked to seizures. Pawpaw Shampoo for removing lice can be made at home according to a unique formulation created by Pawpaw Pioneer Dr. Jerry McLaughlin, which he developed after learning that some native people use mashed seeds of tropical relatives of the pawpaw as a treatment for head lice. The formula contains essential oils of tea tree and thyme plus standardized Pawpaw extract in a shampoo base. All three of these herbal ingredients have the ability to inhibit ATP activity, this is the source of their effectiveness against head lice. It is also why lice cannot adapt and become resistant to this formula. In laboratory and in~home tests, this shampoo proved effective at removing lice and their nits when used according to instructions. The formula is patented, and was formerly commercially available, however, there is nothing to prevent you from making some for your own use. A lice/nit comb is also needed. These combs are included in boxes of the commercial lice poisons, or may be available from your pharmacy. Click this Link for the Formula and Shampooing Directions.

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