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Frequently Asked Questions
Information about Head Lice &
Pawpaw Lice Shampoo

Q. What are head lice?
· Head lice are wingless obligate parasitic insects that live in the hair and on the scalp.
· They are 1~3 mm in length with a flattened body and six legs, each leg having an enlarged "claw" used to cling to the hair shaft.
· They are generally grayish~brown to black in color.
· They feed using a hollow tube~like device known as a proboscis (similar to the way a mosquito feeds) or by breaking the skin and feeding from the small pool of blood that collects.
· They will die if they do not have a "blood meal" within 48 hours.
· They cannot jump or fly.
· They are not a sign of unsanitary living conditions.
· They infest the wealthy and the poor alike.
· They cannot live on pets.
· Lice are passed through direct and indirect head~to~head contact with an infested person: sharing combs/brushes, headbands, barrettes, clothing, hats, ribbons, etc.
... by placing clothing in a common area, such as a closet, with clothing of an infested person.
... by sharing bedding, towels, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.
· While rare, people can become infested from seats in airplanes, trains, buses, movie theaters, etc.
What are the signs/symptoms?
· Itching of the scalp, particularly around the ears and nape of the neck.
· Sores around the ears and nape of the neck may develop an inflamed look and may become infected (generally by the microbes introduced from our fingernails during scratching).
· Visually, by finding crawling lice or nits (eggs) on hair shaft within 1/4" of the scalp.
My child has lice. What do I do now?
· First thing is don’t panic. Lice are a nuisance and have been stigmatized; they are NOT a serious medical problem.
· Apply Pawpaw Lice Shampoo according to the directions.
· Disinfect the household.
How do I disinfect the household?
· Disinfect the household each time you treat the infested person(s).
· Wipe down all (noncloth) surfaces with a damp cloth.
· Wash linens, clothing, hats, and/or hair accessories in hot water (130° F) with detergent and dry using high heat for at least 20 minutes.
· Place all clothing, linens, stuffed animals, etc. that cannot be washed in a sealed bag for at least two weeks.
· Wash combs, brushes, barrettes, and other nonmachine washable hair accessories in a bowl of hot soapy water (130° F).
· Vacuum the furniture and floors thoroughly.
Why do I have to repeat the application?
· Pawpaw Lice Shampoo may not eliminate 100% of the nits the first time.
· The chitin shells of the nits are very tough to penetrate.
· It takes 7~8 days for the nits to hatch and another 10 days for the lice to mature and begin producing more nits.
· An application just after all the viable nits have hatched will eliminate the immature lice before they have a chance to mature and reproduce.
· If directions are strictly followed, two applications are usually sufficient. However, a third application is recommended for assurance.
Do I need to have my home sprayed with an insecticide?
· NO. Following the above instructions for treating the household should be sufficient.
Is there anything else I need to do?
· You should notify the school, preschool, or daycare center that your child attends immediately to prevent a broader infestation and reinfestation of your own child.
· Try to determine and eliminate your child’s source of infestation.
· Explain to your children that they should not share combs, brushes, barrettes, towels, coats, hats, scarves, etc. with other children.
· Routinely check your children weekly for lice/nits. Discovering an infestation early will make it easier to eliminate them.