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Pawpaw Pictures

How about a Pawpaw
in your patch?

Pawpaw Pictures
A Photo Album...
...of our favorite tree!

These Pawpaw trees are twelve feet tall, growing on the North side of a metal building in NW Arkansas. They are in their third year after planting as little seedlings from my nursery. They were mulched with manure in their first year, and have been watered regularly, but receive no other special care.

Tall, skinny Pawpaw trees in the forest.

Gathering Pawpaws in the wild patch. See Kathleen with her green bucket back there?
Pawpaw fruit in the wild.
My fruitful wife.
This is living!
Ripe Pawpaws, under pawpaw leaves.

Pawpaw flowers in May ...

... become tiny Pawpaw fruit, in June.

Clusters of Pawpaw Fruit in an orchard ...
... and in the wild patch.
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