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• Fresh Pawpaw Seed
Stratified Pawpaw Seed, ready to sow
Germinated Pawpaw seed
Pawpaw Seedling Trees in Pots
Bare root Baby Pawpaw Trees
Grafted Pawpaw Trees

A Cluster of Pawpaw Fruit

Some of the parents of our Superior Pawpaw trees come from the orchards at KSU, (links below), containing most of the best known Pawpaw cultivars, as well as many from all over the tree's native range. There is a good chance that fruit from trees grown from our seed will be of great eating quality.

The Wild Pawpaw Harvest.
Totally Ripe!

Pawpaws are good to eat and highly nutritious.
Wild ones vary greatly, but the best ones are rich, creamy and aromatic,
with a flavor like ripe bananas and mangos.





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