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How about a Pawpaw in your patch?

Fresh Pawpaw Seed
Wild Collected

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Usually available October through December
  • Our Common Pawpaw Seed are collected from a our favorite wild patch in the Ozarks, bearing fruit of good eating quality.
  • They are carefully cleaned and sorted to remove defective ones, then kept under moist refrigeration.
  • You will need to keep them moist and cool, but not frozen, until January, then they will be ready germinate. This process is called "stratification".
  • These are useful for growing specimen Pawpaw trees or as rootstock.
  • Pawpaw Seeds are shipped moist, since they must not be allowed to dry out.
  • These seed typically have a high germination rate.

Freshly washed Pawpaw seeds.


Complete info on how to grow Pawpaw trees from seed is included with each order,
(and I always include some extra seed).
See Order Form for availability and prices.
This page was updated on October 10, 2011.