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How about a Pawpaw in your patch?

Fresh Superior Pawpaw Seed
Collected from Good-Fruiting Trees

...Grow Your Own!


Fresh Crop Available Now
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  • Our Superior Pawpaw Seed are collected from parent trees bearing fruit of good eating quality.
  • They are carefully hand~cleaned and sorted to remove defective ones, sanitized, then kept under moist refrigeration.
  • You will need to keep them moist and cool, but not frozen, until January, then they will be ready to germinate. This process is called "stratification".
  • Pawpaw Seeds are shipped moist, since they will lose viability if allowed to dry out.
  • These seed typically have a high germination rate.
Our Fresh Superior Pawpaw Seed
Are all cleaned and packed in one pound (.45 kg) units,
which contain about 350 seeds.
>>> Plus, we add about 20% extra, to ensure you get full measure. <<<

Freshly washed Pawpaw seeds.

Germinated Pawpaw Seeds

Already growing and ready for you to plant in containers, will be available in early 2020.

Our Complete
Seed~to~Fruit Pawpaw Growing Instructions

are included with each order.
(...and we always include extra seed.)
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Prices include delivery in the USA.
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