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Special Offers!

Special Offer !
Scruffy Pawpaw Trees
Available April through September.
They aren't much to look at,
but they are Sure Enough Pawpaws!

This is a group of Scruffy Pawpaw Trees.

Picture taken in April.

They will be more or less leafed
out according to when they are shipped.

For size reference,
the pots are two inches across.

§ We have been surprised at how popular these little trees have been!

§ These are the odd little trees that we would like to sell cheap. They are all growing in quart cells.

§ Some of them are crooked, some broke off and grew back.

§ They have a good chance of becoming big, productive trees, with your care and attention.

They are from a variety of seed sources.

§ Fruit quality = unpredictable.

§ Good for naturalizing, and to attracting Zebra Swallowtail butterflies and other wildlife.

§ We'll send you a variety of sizes and qualities, from a few inches to about 16 inches tall.

§ Complete Growing Instructions included with each order.

Here are some more Scruffies, picture taken in May.

You can see that they are a lively, if miscellaneous, bunch.