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Shipping Spring through Fall
Start Your Own Pawpaw Patch!
We now have available trees grown from seed collected in a large orchard of Pawpaw trees which includes some of the best known named Pawpaw cultivars, as well as many new ones still being evaluated, and trees from throughout the Pawpaw's native range.
Order a few and inexpensively start your Home Pawpaw Patch.
Order many and start an Orchard.
Nursery People: Please see our Order Form for Quantity Pricing.
  • We highly recommend these superior trees to you, as a means of accessing the wealth of the genetic potential of the Pawpaw.
  • Pawpaw seedlings come true to their parents about 80%. (*see reference below) This means that by planting some of these Superior Seedlings, you are more likely to get trees with great fruit quality, than from wild or "common" seed sources; and at a much lower cost than buying grafted trees.
  • Tree seedlings are like children, in that, despite having the best of parents, you can never know how they will turn out! These trees are all genetically different. Unlike grafted trees, they are not clones.
  • These low priced trees offer an excellent way to start with Pawpaws, since they encompass a truly wide range of Pawpaw genetics.
  • We are planting many of these ourselves, as a project to discover new superior cultivars.
  • Any group of them will grow into trees of great diversity, and some may be of outstanding quality, like the best of their their parents.
  • We will send you trees from a variety of parents. For 50 cents extra per tree, we will label them as to the female parent's cultivar name.
  • These are nicely grown, sturdy little seedling trees. These were grown last year under shade cloth, which reduces the UV light that Pawpaw seedlings do not like in their first year. This year they are growing in full sun, and are tready to transplant into your ground.
  • Pawpaw trees in containers can be planted any time during the growing season, with minimal transplanting shock.
  • Your Seedlings will be more or less leafed out, depending on when they are shipped.
  • They like plenty of mulch and water, and a slightly acid soil high in organic matter. Complete growing instructions sent with each order.
  • These trees are 8" to 18" tall, and growing. They are shipped in their containers of native soil. This soil is not sterilized and may contain various plant seeds and soil micro- and macro-organisims.
  • Any two Pawpaw trees are capable of cross-pollination and producing fruit, except for the unfruitful combinations of two trees grafted to the same cultivar, or two trees arising as root sprouts from the same tree. (There may be other unfruitful combinations that I do not know of).
  • Or, start with our even less expensive Bareroot Superior Baby Pawpaw Trees.
  • All of our prices are postpaid to the 48 states.
  • The Order Form shows the prices and availability.

Superior Baby Pawpaw Trees in the Nursery.

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Complete instructions
on growing Pawpaw trees included with each order!


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This page was updated March 20, 2009.