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Our ORDER FORM is not "live", it does not work for online ordering. (Sorry, we are so Old Fashioned.)
>>>Postal, with Check or Money Order:
1. Complete the ORDER FORM, indicate your selections & type in the total at the bottom of the form.
2. Print out two copies.
3. Send one copy to us at the address on the Order Form, with your Check or Money Order.
4. Keep the other copy of the Order Form for your records.  

We usually ship by PRIORITY MAIL, which is good for the trees because is fast.
Shipping Charges are included in the prices, unless stated otherwise on the Order Form.

>>>Credit / Debit Card or Checking Account, via PayPal:
1. Make selections & email us your order and your name and shipping address.
2. We will email you back a PayPal invoice.
3. You don't need to have a PayPal account to use this service.

4. We ship to the address provided by PayPal, unless you advise otherwise.

We can only send seeds, not trees to addresses outside of the USA. We will provide a Customs Declaration (if required). You are responsible for complying with your local customs regulations and for paying any fees which may be imposed. Please check with your authorities before ordering, to determine if the products will be allowed into your country, and what fees may apply. The seeds will be packed in damp Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss. If the Sphagnum is not acceptable to your authorities, just let us know when ordering, and they will be shipped with damp paper instead.
Please order only if you have read and agree to our policy statements:
• We guarantee our products to be as described and to be in good, viable condition when shipped. Please let us and the carrier know immediately if there are any problems! If the shipment was damaged in transit, you must save the packing material and contents for the carrier to inspect, in order to make a claim.
• We send complete growing instructions with each order. You may email us your Pawpaw questions, and we will answer them as we are able.
• We are not responsible for the survival or growth of any plants you receive from us. If a tree looks unhealthy or is damaged upon receipt, tell us right away.
• We do not use any synthetic pesticides in our nursery. The tree growing containers are recyclable.
• If your shipment is returned to us as undeliverable, or we are charged an address correction fee by the carrier, and we addressed it as you specified, then you are responsible for the extra costs.
• Container size designations such as "quart" and "gallon" are nominal.
• Since we grow our trees in unsterilized natural soil, we have no control over and can assume no responsibility for any other plants, seeds, or soil micro- and macro-organisms etc., which may be in the containers.
• We do our own web site, and are grateful when people point out errors and contradictions to us. We reserve the right to correct and not be bound by any mistakes in description or pricing on our web site or in emails.
• Our nursery is located at our home, and we do not have a retail facility at this location. We sell our products through this web site, and occasionally at local farmers' markets, regional fairs, festivals, horticultural meetings and events. We do not give our telephone number on this site, to protect our privacy and because we prefer to hear from our customers by email.
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