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How about a Pawpaw in your patch?™
Fresh Pawpaw Seed
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Germinated Pawpaw Seed
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Get a jump~start on growing your own Pawpaw trees!

Germinated Pawpaw Seed

Fresh Pawpaw Seed

Each year we grow hundreds of Pawpaw Trees from seed.
When we have extra germinated seed, we offer them for sale.
    • Pawpaw seed are exacting as to the conditions they require for storage and germination.
    • If the moisture, temperature and air conditions are not just right, they may either be slow to sprout, or might not come up at all.
      We have done it all for you.
    • Our unique product, Germinated Pawpaw Seed, gives you a big head start in growing your Pawpaw trees,
      compared to starting them from seed.
    • Your vigorous Germinated Pawpaw Seed come carefully packed in Sphagnum moss, ready to continue growing for you.

The sprouts on Germinated Pawpaw Seeds are fragile, so please unpack and plant them carefully. You may plant them out in the ground now, grow them in containers and plant them in the ground next Fall or the following Spring. Either way they will require your care and attention, including partial shade for their first year.

Complete Pawpaw Growing Instructions included with each order!

I always include extras, to make sure you get at least as many good ones as you order!

This Page Last Updated on March 25, 2017.