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How about a Pawpaw in your patch?™
Get a jump~start on growing your Pawpaw trees!

We grow Pawpaw Trees from seed in our nursery,
then pot them up to grow larger.
This year we have an abundance of Baby Pawpaw Trees,
and so are offering them as

Yours may be more or less developed than the ones in the pictures, but will be leafed out,
and be ready for you to pot up in containers and grow larger, before planting out in the ground.
Pawpaw seed are exacting as to the conditions they require for stratification and germination.
If the moisture, temperature and air conditions are not just right,
they may either be slow to sprout, or might not come up at all.
We have sprouted these seed for you, and grown them on to the Baby Treeling stage.
They are leafed out and have a strong root system.
This gives you a big head start in growing your Pawpaw trees,
compared to starting them from seed.
You will receive healthy, vigorous Baby Pawpaw Treelings, ready to continue growing for you.
They will be carefullyt packed, with their roots in damp Sphagnum,
delivered by Priority Mail, and ready for planting in your containers.
We do not recommend planting these directly outdoors in the ground just yet.
They are, after all, "babies".
Your trees will be advanced in their growth according to the time of year,
as you can see from the pictures below.

Grow them in containers now and plant them in the ground when they are larger,
as late as a couple of weeks before your expected first frost.
They will require partial shade for their first year.


First they send out their long tap roots.
Then they begin to leaf out.

All leafed out and ready to go!
Your Baby Pawpaw Trees will have short or long roots and tops according to the time of year.

Complete info on how to grow Pawpaw trees from seed is included with each order.

See Order Form for prices.

This Page Updated on June 6, 2020.