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Grafted Pawpaw Trees

Our Grafted Pawpaw Trees are not available at this time.
Grafted Pawpaw trees are clones of named cultivars, (varieties), which have been selected for superior traits. Over the years, amateur fruit explorers as well as professional fruit breeders have selected outstanding Pawpaw trees for backyard growing as well as for orchards.
As with fruit trees in general, the scion on grafted Pawpaw trees is from a mature tree. Thus, grafted trees are likely to bear a year or so sooner than seedlings.

Grafted trees do not always perform the same as the parent tree, due to local conditions, rootstock differences, and other factors.

At least two genetically different Pawpaw trees are usually required for cross~pollination and fruit production. Self~pollinating Pawpaw trees have been reported, but are the exception.

Any two of our
Superior Pawpaw Trees
will cross~pollinate. Please consider ordering some.

Here is Mark, in the greenhouse,
grafting Pawpaw trees in May.

KSU Atwood tm
Seedling from Maryland. Released by the Kentucky State University Horticulture Program in 2009. The release is named for Rufus B. Atwood, who served as president of Kentucky State College (now university) from 1929 to 1962. Fruit: greenish-blue skin, yellow orange flesh, few seeds. Fruit size and flavor medium; averaging 120 g/fruit and 150 fruit per tree at KSU.

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